Delaware Statuary Trust

Like NNN's, DST's allows owners to exchange from hands on properties to a passive investments. Basically, you buy a small per-cent of a large property. There are DST's that own Multifamily, Student Housing. Office, Industrial & Retail.

The real estate sponsor firm, which also serves as the master tenant, simply acquires the property under the DST umbrella and opens up the trust for potential investors to purchase a beneficial interest.

The investors may either deposit their 1031 exchange proceeds into the DST or the investor may purchase an interest in the DST directly.
DST investors may benefit from a professionally managed, potentially institutional quality property. The underlying property could be a 500-unit apartment building, a 100,000 square-foot medical office property or a shopping center leased to investment-grade tenants. The possibilities are endless.

Most DST investments are assets that your run-of-the-mill, small- to mid-sized accredited investors could not otherwise afford. However, by pooling money with other investors, they can acquire this type of asset.

Top DST Sponsors
Inland Real Estate Investment Corp.
Passco Companies